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Saturday, March 27, 2010

de Earth hour.. =)

something to share wif u, guys.. =) de video in 'on' plug mode..then run it again wif de plug 'off' plak ek. juz turn it 'off', enjoy de video k.. =)

Friday, March 19, 2010

19032010 in memory~~

today, i fill so sad n unhappy...starting from the mood was really 'down'...the day start with unhappy-starting when i cant go to driving class at moning which supposedly i go...but my teacher, p.ya called last night and tell us that the driving teacher for this week are limited at our driving school. so my name are postponed to next week. thinking to take motorcycle class at morning but im too friends were left me because they are rushing in time...Justify Full
sitting on my desk and thinking what should i do in this morning..but nothing was come across my mind except thinking to join my dear to go to the beach for joging as he ask me before. however, when i text him and ask him either he gone or still here...but he replied with 'kte duk tgh joging'-meaning he was already started their jogging activity...owhhhh..very upset because i'm dying to go there more over in 'unknown' mood like today...before, so many time i asked my dear asking him go to the beach but he always refused. he was so busy lately...(maybe) frust. again!!

at 2.30 (after 'Jumaat') i went to my driving school.p.ya said i can sit for my car-theory today.. (yippi!!)..but before the class about 3.15, my cousin call me and said that his father are gone at noon. im very surprised!! im shocked!! i am not expect that he'll leave me as this soon...i'm thinking to visit him during my next semester break on April. but Allah love him any reason..from now on...i'll never see him anymore and i cant make a joke with him anymore..i do love my pak lang for the whole of my heart. he is just like my father after my abah..he was so nice to me since im a kid. he was the only uncle that really kind with me compared to the others..oh god. please make me strong to face this loss...

today, im realized that even he is not my first uncle which passed away, but he was my first uncle that im crying for when he's gone..i realized that how much he closed to much i need him..n how significant he is to me..owh god, please forgive him on what ever mistake he done because he is very generous to anybody and always willing to help anybody needed..

after i received the phone call, i am really down. don't know what to do. i am just so empty...suddently i take my phone and i call my dear..sharing with him all the thing that i fill. getting better...he relive me so much...thank you, dear...however, im not refuse or decline the just loss in my self and im trying to search my source of strengh and trying to be strong like what i should...btw, really thanx for ur concern, dear...i really appreciate it..

my driving class run smoothly..thanx to cikgu man that really patient to teach me and thanx again to my dear which always keep me up..always standing by me to give strength to me whenever i needed...

at night, whenever 'pak lang' across my mind...i was sooo sad. my tears will drop automatically..non-stop...sending him a Yassin and keep praying for him from the distance were the only thing that i can do from the here...really hope he can have a very peace 'sleeping' forever...

trying to sleep early since i have nothing to do. my heart, my mind and my mood became so uneasy throughout the day..usually, the only treatment that i can do to re-treat my mood is by sleeping with hope that i'll forget about it when i wake up at tomorrow morning....

emm last night i sleep with the full of love..sleeping in smiling mood..but today, my day was really challenging...luckily i have u, Allah and i have u, Mr. Dear...really thanx for the love =)

that's what i fill today..really hope no more challenging day after this..its really make me weak..guys, please help me to pray for my pak lang k...really hope your pray for
btw, thanx to u....till then, see you in next post~~ =)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

penDRIVE owh penDRIVE. ngeeee~~ =)

k, stlh lm nghilang kn diri...i'm back..kali nih anom nk knlkn kowg perbagai jns n interesting sgt taw.. hihiii...check it out ek =p

1...mla2 kte tgk yg kategori mknn ek...mgkin ia akn mjadikn kte smakin lapo n nk mkn sesuatu. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~
Align Center
pizza or burger?? pilih la. huhuu =pmmg sdp klo blh dapat tembikai sejuk tyme tgh hari yg pns terik kn. huhuuu

then, kte tgk plak brg2 perubatan yg da d transform mjadi x??? huhuu =p


stetescope??? then, kte tgk plak our attire at our laptop or desktop???

couple ring??

sliper jamban spe nih?? huhuu


sterusnya, kte tgk gadget 2 in 1 plak ek

pen + pdrive~
kunci or

mainan ataw pdrive plak nih...

bear yg cute tgk 'bUntUt' nye jer...memalukn sungguh =p


pdrive yg blh hang kt beg. mnarik =)
cassete n pdive???huhuuu

npe x goreng jer ayam tuh???

mungkinkah nih kte blh gne sbg pnyepit kt ampaian??? yg blh jd bateri. mnarek!!!

kt Mydin KT nih ader jual yg cmni...spe nk..g r bli. huhuu =p

wat is this???!!!
sekian je la koleksi anom ader.... yg mn jd plhn kowg???pepn, mmg sume rekaan nih cantek kn....hihiii
k, jmpa lg in next post k..tataaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~ =)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

kreziness di 'Big Hill'

arini, 05.03.2010 (Jumaat)- skali lagi anom tlh mcipta sjrh dgn mdaki 'Big Hill', Kuala Terengganu bt kali ke-2 dlm ms 3 thn...ok r tu kn dr xpnh naek lgsg. hikhikhik...p'daki'an kali ini pesertanya cm 4 org...Jue (Nozulaidi), Asrul (Asrul Anwar), Anom (Fauziyah Hanom) dan Nani (Hasrani)...inilah kesah pdakian yg tdk drncg. hikhikhik

mlm td mmg nani n asrul ader ajak. tp trasa mls nk g. sbnrnye mmg nk sgt g tp dsbbkn kaki anom lom btol2 baek (akibat tseliuh 2-3 ari lps) n dtmbah pula trasa nk mbaca note Plant Breeding (test will be on dis Sunday) tu yg trasa mcm tpksa me'malas'kn diri utk g..bkn ape, esok anom ader full day class. then note Plant Breeding tuh plak ade 8 bab yg kne bc. so mmg sgt tkot klo xsmpt hbs bc (actually bese r tuh klo anom xhbs bc note tyme test coz pmalas tramat2. tp br ni trasa konon2 nk 'brubah' ckit. tu yg trasa mcm nk mbaca. hihihiiiii), ksmpulannyer, stlh dpksa2 oleh nani n prsaan kesian dgn beliau yg xde kwn, so...anom pown g r gak...ala2 'prepare for trouble' r utk test tuh. n 'make it double' utk kaki yg xbpe elok lg nih.. huhuuuu

k, td ktowg pown bgerak dr Maidam dlm kul 8. naek moto.wpn xde lesen. anom naek moto asrul dgn Nani then Asrul naek moto dgn Jue.Alhamdulillah xde Pak Pulisi pg nih...then sampai sna trus naek n m'daki'...mmg arini sgt rmai owg. trasa ala2 malu g2 nk naek.huhuuuu

mla2 tyme naek tuh...snyp jer...jimat tnga n control nafas.trasa 'ble la nk smpai atas nih'...hihiii..then ble da smpai atas..mmg sgt ska. (Yippi!!!) tba2 trasa nk tmuntah. sbb condition bdn, take a rest...n control de breath...take de deep breath...lm2 br okay....alhamdulillah... =)

pmndgn kt atas tuh mmg cntek.. (trasa mcm 1st tyme naek plak kn. huhuuu)..then anom pown snap r gmba gne hp...kmdn, Nani pown kuarkn la kamera n there's the shooting begin........wink3~~ mcm2 gmba dr pelbagai sudut d amik...enjoy ur eyes wif all de following pictures k... =)

scene dr puncak 'Big Hill'..indahnye alam ciptaan Allah kn...

hehe...sronoknyer da smpai pnt pown tba2 jer hlg..wink3~~

asrul trying tp to bt aksi ala2 Hang Tuah katenyer...plu ker???

cantikkn scene it..wink3~~

ni la 2 maskot pencawang TM nih. hihiiii =p

ala2 tmenung tyme posing..xde kje nk dbt..gni r..huhuuu

semut- saksi kberjayaan ktowg m'daki' 'Big Hill'..hihiii =)

posing d bawah pcawang...mcm scene gamba kawen r plak...huhuuu =p

b'gayut' smbil mnikmati keindahan alam. mmg seronok n filing kn......

smntara Nani 'gayut'...ktowg posing jap..heheheeeee~~

odw..mnuruni bukit..mnguji kstabilan diri n ktahanan break. bjayakah kami?? huhuu

emmmm..bdk2..cmni la klo bgmba..huhuuu

tba2 jumpa site yg cntek...bt2 ala2 tgh mdaki dgn skill yg plg pelik...kahkahkah

mlak0knkn watak yg sgt concern thdp signbord amaran. concern kah kami???

masing2 bt aksi plg sopan ala2 nasyid g2..huhuuu...amacam, sopan x kami?? hihiiii =p

trying to show mka plg gns d alam semesta..kuikuikui~~

alkisah~~ kononnyer jue da bjaya pnjt bukit tuh lbih tinggi dr Nani n Asrul...then, d mn Anom???

tangan dihulur...beban dikongsi..psahabatn terjalin. ahaks~~

ala2 kpenatan..masing2 duk bli air nyor....sodap ker???

Antara buah2 yg djual sbg ingredient rojak buah d sni. agak2 sodap x???

pcyer ataw tidak..rupe2 nyer mkck nih adlh sdara2 n kaum krabat Jue jgk..anak branak beliau rpnyer. maka sesi jejak kasih pown blaku r jap td...huhuuu

mmg puas ati ble da selesai mdaki n mnuruni bukit..then, ktowg pown smpai smula ke Miadam dlm kul 10 lbih gak kot..mklmla m'lagho' lbih. hihiii

emmm...ksmpulannyer, 'trip mngejut' nih mmg best..xsia2 r g b'galak' d sna...krg ade ms kte g lg ek.. (klo keadaan n kesihatan mgizinkn r...)

to Asrul, Jue n Nani...ThanX for de krezi-ness n enjoy-ness n sgla 'ness'2 pagi td k...kpd yg xdpt join ktowg pnye 'ness'2 pg td....sila jgn jelez ek..hihiiiii =)